Terms for course enrollment

Invoicing and payment

Once enrolled to a course the enrolled participant will be issued an invoice that must be paid by its specified due date. The following terms and conditions will then apply:
  • Leaving a bill unpaid does not amount to a cancellation, and the participant will be liable in addition to extra costs.
  • Up to 14 days before the course starts the participant can cancel your enrollment and thus void the invoice if not yet paid. If the participant has already paid the course, the participant can ask for a refund, or ask for the paid fee to be converted in store credit, that can be used for another course. In case you ask for a refund, the school will charge a 5€ office fee.
  • Cancelling an enrollment less than 14 days before the courses starts, will result in a penalty fee of 50% of the course price. The rest 50% can be refunded or used as store credit.
  • In case the participant cancels the participation after the course started or in case the participant do not show up to classses, the participant is not entitled to any refund or store credit.
  • ALL CANCELLATIONS MUST DONE EITHER VIA THE ONLINE REGISTRATION SYSTEM OR VIA E-MAIL. Unfortunately, the school does not accept cancellations via phone calls or verbally, on-site.
  • In case the participant fails to pay your invoice by the due date, the school will be issuing a 'reminder invoice' the includes a 'reminder fee' of 5€.
  • If the reminder invoice still remains unpaid, the school will send one more notice and then the invoice will be handed over to a debt collector.

Exceptional cases

The school may offer on a 'best-effort' basis alternative training classes in case participation to a course cannot be completed (in its entirety or just partly) due to
  • the dog being diagnosed with an infectious disease or as having external or internal parasites,
  • the owner or handler being diagnosed with a illness lasting longer then two weeks,
  • enrolled female dog being in heat,
To qualify for such compensation, the case must be notified to the school by email immediately, as soon as the diagnosis is available and before the first missed attendance.
No such compensation will be provided for cases that prevent course attendance due to work, holidays, relatives' visits, veterinary visits that are not acute (eg vaccination or viral X-ray descriptions), last-minute cancellations or no-shows.
For the classes left unattended, the school will attempt to offer rescheduled classes in one of following occurrences of the same course. The school, however, cannot guarantee the availability of such compensation classes. If none of the offered times with the next 3 months period are suitable for the particiant, then the missed attendance will not anyhow compensated.

Conditions for course attendance

The participant can bring the dog to a class only if the dog is healthy, not aggressive to other dogs, and not in heat. The dog's vaccinations must all be up to date. The dog owner or participant is responsible for their dog at all times, including during the course. We recommend having the insurance for the dogs attending the classes.

Waiting list

When enrolling to a course's waiting list, the would-be course participant will not issued an invoice. The persons in the waiting list of a course will be automatically allocated places, in the order of enrollment, only if such places in the course become available. The enrollment in a waiting list can at any point be cancelled without penalty.
Persons in a waiting list who are notified that they received a place in a course have 12 hours to cancel their enrollment penalty-free via the registration system or notify the school. If the person is enrolled to other, overlapping or schedule wise conflicting courses or waiting lists of courses, the person is responsible to make the appropriate cancellations and solve the schedule conflicts.

The school reserves the right to make change of the course schedule or the trainer, and if so, it will always be notified to the customer. The participant has the right to cancel penalty-free their enrollment if the new timetable is unsuitable.
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